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Who is Modix Plastique?

Modix Plastique is a fast-growing Quebec company that completely treats and processes plastic residues from recycling centers and other sources across Quebec and the rest of North America to manufacture high-quality recycled LDPE resins.

/ Our goal

As a global leader in the circular economy, Modix Plastique is continuously improving its technology to minimize the volume of plastic waste and reduce the consumption of virgin resins in the plastics industry.

/ Our Mission

Modix Plastique’s mission is to stimulate the circular economy by giving a second life to plastic waste, one of the most harmful pollutants to our planet. Thanks to the added value of our unique treatment process, plastic residues are transformed into a raw material that can be used to manufacture plastic products like flexible packaging and pipes.

/ Environment

Why Modix

When it comes to recycling and recovering raw materials, our proven expertise, advanced technology and unique treatment process make all the difference. By partnering with Modix Plastique, you’re taking concrete steps towards reducing your company’s environmental impact and helping to build a more sustainable future for future generations.

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What does Modix Plastique do?


We collect plastic from recycling centers and completely process it into recycled plastic resin which will be used as a raw material for a range of plastic products.


After the plastic waste is recovered, we proceed to shredding, washing, drying and, finally, extrusion. Each step is meticulously supervised in order to meet our high standards of quality.

Laboratory Analysis

Every resin bar produced is thoroughly analyzed by our laboratory experts. That data is then used to produce a certificate of analysis for the resin.

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